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If you are looking for a dentist who offers dental implants, then Massanutten Dental Team and Oral Surgery are here to help you. Contact us to schedule a consultation or appointment at 540-908-4846.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. They are natural-looking, long-lasting, and offer patients many ways to replace missing teeth. Our dentist can create dental implants for a single missing tooth or for someone who requires full dental implants such as implant-supported dentures or all-on-4 implants.

Other benefits of dental implants include:

  • A permanent solution
  • Help to prevent bone loss
  • No adjustment period
  • With proper care, they can last a lifetime
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from shifting
  • Provide a natural look and feel

Other dental restorations fall short where dental implants shine. They may be costly upfront but can save you money in the long run.

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are an excellent alternative to traditional dentures. They are a combination of traditional implants and a denture. Our dentist can use them to replace a full arch of missing teeth or just a few. This implant-supported method for dentures provides patients with many benefits.

Dentures are a complete set of artificial teeth with a pink gum line or partial set of teeth. They resemble natural teeth, and when they are connected to dental implants, they can also feel like natural teeth.

How would you benefit from implant-supported dentures?

Replacing missing teeth is crucial to your oral health, and without proper treatment, your dental health can suffer. People who would benefit from an implant-supported denture would be missing all or most of their teeth and who want to improve their oral health.

Leaving gaps where teeth are missing can lead to the following:

  • adjacent teeth to shift
  • gum disease
  • further tooth loss
  • loss of bone density
  • tooth decay

Full arch dental implants like implant dentures can give you a new smile and support your bones and gums.

How do implant-supported dentures work?

Implants work by replacing the root. Similarly, implant-supported dentures replace the jaw bone as well. Dental implants are created with a titanium implant post that acts as an artificial tooth root. The implant post is placed in the mouth, fusing to the bone. Once the implant has healed, a second surgery can be completed to implant custom abutments. The implant abutments are the part of the implant that will attach to your new dentures, allowing you to eat and speak in a normal way. Soon your implant-retained dentures will give you a smile that you can love again.

With your brand new teeth, you will have a more youthful appearance thanks to your implant-supported dentures.

How are implant-supported dentures placed?

One denture can hold up to 5 dental implants. Depending on your needs, they are placed in the upper or lower jaw. Each dental implant will be strategically placed into the jaw. Our dentists will take impressions and images of your mouth’s structure to plan each implant location for the best support.

Our oral surgeon will ensure your jawbone density is significant enough to hold the implant posts in place. Some patients require bone grafting before implants can be placed. We want your dental implant procedure to be successful, and it is crucial to ensure we provide thorough dental care at every step.

Traditional Dentures vs. Implant Dentures

Traditional dentures are less expensive when compared to implant-supported dentures, and they are also easier to replace if they are broken or lost. However, implant-supported dentures are better if you have a pre-existing dental implant condition or suffer from allergies, whereas traditional implant materials include metal. In addition, implant-supported dentures can last 30 years, compared to 10 years for traditional dentures.

Our implant-supported dentures can restore your smile, allowing you to eat and speak like normal again. If you have no teeth or several missing teeth, dental implant dentures could be the tooth replacement option for you!

Ready to transform your smile?

If you are suffering from tooth loss, full-arch dental implants could be the right solution for you. Implant-supported dentures provide a lasting smile with a natural look. For more information about financing options or to schedule a consultation at Massanutten Dental Team and Oral Surgery, feel free to contact us at 540-908-4846.