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At Massanutten Dental, our team is skilled in detecting and treating many kinds of harmful conditions that we can catch using oral pathology. For example, abnormalities in the mouth’s tissues can include tumors. You should consult a dentist or oral and maxillofacial surgeon for diagnosis and treatment. 

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What is Oral Pathology?

Most people probably don’t think about what happens inside their mouths unless they’re experiencing pain. But your mouth is a complex system with many parts that work together to keep you healthy. That’s why it’s essential to know about oral pathology, which studies diseases that affect your teeth and gums. Oral pathology can involve everything from cavities and gum disease to cancerous tumors. Our office uses the most advanced technology to help detect and treat several diseases and conditions. If you’re ever concerned about any abnormalities or changes in your mouth, be sure to talk to your dentist in Harrisonburg, VA, so that they can diagnose and treat the problem as soon as possible.

Diseases We Can Help Detect Early

Diseases can often be detected in the mouth using oral pathology. By checking for lesions, abnormal growths, and other abnormalities, we can often catch problems early on, which can help improve the chances of a successful outcome. However, if left untreated, there are several consequences, such as missing teeth. Therefore, it is important to get routine dental care to prevent such problems.

These are some common conditions we can detect using oral pathology.

Oral Cancer

Did you know that oral cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer in the United States? It’s a disease that can occur anywhere in the mouth, including the lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, and roof of the mouth. While oral cancer can develop in anyone at any age, it’s more common in older adults. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of this disease’s signs and symptoms and see your dentist for regular check-ups. Early diagnosis is crucial for successful treatment.

Salivary Gland Disorder

Many people don’t realize that the salivary glands play a vital role in our oral health. These small but essential glands produce saliva, which helps to protect our teeth and gums from harmful substances. Unfortunately, these glands can become infected or diseased, leading to a condition known as salivary gland disorder. If you are experiencing any symptoms of salivary gland disorder, it is vital to seek medical help immediately. 

Odontogenic Infection

Odontogenic infection is an infection that originates in the teeth or jawbone. This type of infection can occur in any part of the mouth but is most commonly found in the gums, teeth, or jawbone. Symptoms can include pain, swelling, redness, and fever. Treatment typically involves antibiotics or oral surgery. While it can be a severe condition, patients can usually fully recover. If you think you have an infection in your mouth, you should contact our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Harrisonburg, VA, right away.

Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For

These conditions are all serious and should not be taken lightly. Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please get in touch with us right away so our team can do a complete oral exam.

  • A new lump or skin thickening in your mouth
  • Pain or difficulty when swallowing
  • A chronic sore throat
  • Red or white patches in your mouth or throat
  • Sores or lesions on the lips, mouth, or face that do not go away

 Oral Pathology Treatment FAQs

Is oral surgery required to diagnose these conditions?

No, oral surgery is often not required to diagnose oral conditions. Instead, we will usually use a combination of oral pathology techniques and imaging technology, such as an intraoral camera, which allows us to take pictures inside your mouth. We can do this right here at our office in Harrisonburg, VA.

What kind of dental treatments are used to treat these conditions?

This depends on the condition. If necessary, we can treat many infections or disorders with oral hygiene techniques, medications, or oral surgery. In addition, our staff may use various techniques and tools such as radiographic, microscopic, or biochemical.

Does dental insurance cover oral pathology?

Dental insurance will typically cover diagnostic oral pathology procedures done in our office, such as an intraoral exam or biopsy of suspicious cells. While oral pathology is generally covered by dental insurance, some oral conditions may require further treatment, which insurance may not cover. Therefore, before any dental care treatments, we recommend contacting your insurance company to confirm coverage and reimbursement options.

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