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If you are looking for a dental practice that offers professional teeth whitening treatment in Harrisonburg, contact Massanutten Dental Team and Oral Surgery today! We can eliminate tooth discoloration and give you a beautiful smile in just one treatment.

GLO Teeth Whitening

We are a GLO Science provider at Massanutten Dental Team and Oral Surgery. If you want to fix stained teeth for a brighter, more attractive smile, we can help! You will need to schedule a consultation with our dentist to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy enough for this whitening treatment.

What is GLO?

GLO teeth whitening is a fast and effective whitening system that uses blue LED light therapy to brighten your teeth. Before beginning the whitening process, we will have you put protective eye shields on to protect your eyes from the blue light.

The process starts with teeth cleaning, then teeth whitening gel is applied to your teeth. You will sit in a blue light chamber for about 15 minutes as the whitening gel is activated. Next, you will rinse and then have a teeth whitening strip applied to your teeth again for a few minutes. The teeth whitening strip will help the gel penetrate teeth and give you whiter teeth.

How does it work?

GLO is a hydrogen peroxide-based gel that uses light and heat activation to provide a deeper, safer, whiter smile. It is a patented formula created to give patients a brighter smile without sensitivity.

Benefits of GLO

  • No more messy strips, trays, or runny gels
  • Proven efficiency
  • No sensitivity
  • A simple way to eliminate the look of stained teeth
  • Trusted by dental professionals

Are there at-home treatments?

Yes! We offer the GLO Vial Whitening Gel that patients can use in home comfort. You can use the at-home treatment to remove stains before special occasions or keep up your in-office treatment. Ask our dentist about our at-home GLO treatment today!

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is commonly used in cosmetic dentistry and is a non-invasive procedure used to lighten the color of your teeth. Our teeth become stained and discolored over time for many reasons, including:

  • age
  • tobacco use
  • drinking dark-colored beverages like coffee, black tea, and red wine
  • genetics
  • taking certain medications
  • poor hygiene practices

There are many whitening products out there today, so how do you choose the best one for you? We recommend visiting a dental professional. Our dentists will carefully determine why discoloration occurs and find a treatment that will work best for your needs. Our whitening treatments will have your smile looking brighter and whiter within one treatment at our office.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Your Best Whitening Option

Many whitening options are on the market today, but most store-bought options are not as effective or safe as professional-grade teeth whitening.

Professional treatments are safer than store-bought options.

One of the reasons that professional treatments are safer to use is that they only require one application and are more effective, so you don’t have to use them as often. Unfortunately, when someone uses a whitening strip from the store, they do not usually receive the results they want right away, and continual use of strips has been proven to deteriorate the enamel on your teeth. This can also lead to tooth sensitivity and further dental problems.

Professional treatments are created to reduce sensitivity and be safe to use, and you will see a more dazzling smile in just one visit with a teeth whitening professional.

They are more effective than whitening toothpaste or strips.

Whitening toothpaste and strips that you can buy in the store will not be as effective as a professional whitening treatment. Our dentists use an approved whitening gel that is eight times more effective than brushing with a whitening toothpaste. The whitening process is simple, and on your first visit, you will already notice a brighter smile.

You’ll receive longer-lasting outcomes.

Store-bought whitening options are not effective or safe enough for long-term use or impressive outcomes. Teeth whitening provided by an office with cosmetic dentistry experience has longer-lasting results, so you will not need to whiten your teeth as often.

Schedule a consultation with us and get professional teeth whitening in Harrisonburg!

Having a brighter, whiter smile will not only help you feel more confident but give the appearance of healthier teeth. If you suffer from stains and discolored teeth, schedule an appointment with our dental team in Harrisonburg, VA, today!